Retail Digital Signage

This concept was for our flagship store in SOHO. We wanted a way to engage her in a more meaningful way with the benefit of limiting the amount of printed signage throughout the store. The content would be pushed to the ipads through a web interface and be specific to the zone it was located in. She would also be able to shop directly from the sign if she was looking for an "online only" product.


Pop-Up Store at Gap Inc. HQ

The concept for the popup was inspired by the quintessential Manhattan apartment of Piperlime's "It" girl. It is sophisticated, elegant, and whimsical. The most unique aspect of this project was that I worked with Savannah Grace, an interior designer at Gensler. She managed to secure all furniture on loan. Because of the short lifespan of the popup (2 days), it didn't make sense for us to buy thousands of dollars worth of furniture. 

Photography provided by Gensler



This is some of my favorite emails I have worked on over the course of working at Piperlime.


This is a collection of different billboards I have designed under the Love/Need section of Piperlime.com